Breed Clubs & Dog Organizations


Welsh Springer Breed Standard, according to the American Kennel Club.


Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America, the Welsh national club site.


U.K. Welsh Springer Spaniel Club, the British club's web site.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of Sweden.


Health Related Sites


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, the OFA home page.


Canine Epilepsy Resources.


Canine Eye Registration Foundation, the CERF home page.


Some Welsh Breeders


Heatherstone Welsh Springer Spaniels, Shannon Gandee's home page.


Trystyn Welsh Springer Spaniels, Sandra Holmes' home page.


Statesman Welsh Springer Spaniels, Gary and Susan Riese's home page.


Ky-Bryn Welsh Springer Spaniels, Peggy Ruble's home page.


Glenevan Welsh Springer Spaniels, Valerie Young's home page.


Limberlost Welsh Springer Spaniels, Colleen O'Keefe's home page.


Riverside Welsh Springer Spaniels, Chuck and Angela Wrenn's home page.


Alizarin Welsh Springer Spaniels, Jill Vick's home page.


Llanddwyn Welsh Springer Spaniels, Marta Stoneman's home page.


Jangas Welsh Springer Spaniels in Finland.


Kennel Dirlian, Welsh Springer Spaniels in Finland.


Maesgwyn Welsh Springer Spaniels in Australia.


Some Non-Dog Sites (Family, Friends, etc.)


Conford Family Blog.


Another Friend's Christian Site.




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