"Heavens Welsh Springer Spaniels" is comprised of five dogs and two humans living together in relative harmony in a home in New River, Arizona. Dawn has been involved with dogs since she was a child and with Welsh since 1985. Chris has been involved with dogs since he first became involved with Dawn (we’ve been married since 1975).


Kennel Building?


We don't have a separate, free-standing kennel building. The only kennel building we have is our house itself. Our dogs live in our home, where we think Welsh are happiest.


Breeding Goals


As breeders, our goals are to produce puppies that are sweet in temperament, healthy, and are of correct physical type. Puppies are only occasionally available. Prospective puppy buyers should expect to be thoroughly interviewed and are welcome to interview us. All puppies are raised in our home and sold with written Buyer-Breeder agreements.


How To Contact Us


  • You can contact us via e-mail at
  • Or give us a phone call at 623-465-5448. 
  • Or write to us at 45302 N. 16th St., New River, Arizona 85087-0911, USA.